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Wow [Oct. 28th, 2006|12:54 am]
(Political MinorityFeminist)


I didn't even realize that I was actually the maintainer of a community out here in interspace!
So I'm gonna try and bring it back to life.
just to put something personal out there:

I have been experiencing a lot of extreem lonelyness lately. Dealing with both men and women. I have an extreemly small social circle, and I'm feeling like this is because I am so "eccentric" It's interesting how gettng older and haveing to embody your values really affects your relationships with others. At this point I'm just so turned off by all the ism's in action that engaging with other people is really hard. One of my closest friends is a white woman and i getting all into this non-dualism anti-binary space, and it feels really strange to me, so it's hard for me to even talk to her about it. As time passes and my 9-5 consumes 40 hrs of my week, while the insane home situation I'm bound to consumes 50% of my energy I really wonder what it's all about.

I've found myself just "playing nice" in order to maintain some sort of freedom of choice. Thinking about reality though, the biggest question I try to negotiate is how can i folllow my beliefes and not be stranded?

Is there anyone else here who has/is experienced/ing this ?

Please tell me all about it <3